Krisztus-hálóWe are wisdomweavers dedicated to offer our service to the enhancement of our planetary-gaian transformation into An Age of Loving Understanding, Healing and Reconciliation, Peace and Co-Creation

by Weaving the Wisdom of our Collective Presence held in Ancient Wisdom all through the Eons expressed and rooted in a mirriad of ways  in local cultures, in sciencies of the times, in human dynamics and in the web of interrelations.

We endorse the growing movement of peer learning, gift economy, holding and hosting transformativ, healing spaces, generating oneness in areas of spiritual, human and nature gaps and chasms that express in ranks and power dynamics, in disempowerment, poverty, destruction and pain and traumas.

We will co-create a NEW TAPESTRY of OUR INTERBEINGNESS for the benefit of the whole.
You can recognize our work by experiencing

Oneness in Diversity,
Peer2Peer relations
Co-Creation in Action
Beauty and Joy manifested
Accessibility for all.

We offer partnership with people all around the world, where there is an intention to empower their own co-creative presence by reconnecting with others from elsewhere, reconnecting aspects of our wisdom creation ( such as spirituality, societal human dimentions,


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