Weaving my morning thoughts into some cohesion

I am reading that the time for “spiritually” enlightened values and principles are over.

We know all that we need to know for a new world to be born. What we really need to focus on this time pf our turbulently transitionaing phase of the New Eon is the care and nurturing of humanness which is designed to offer a safe and fertile womb for theses ideas to grow into guiding and orinting principles behind our actions. Actions that rise from compassion for the benefit of the whole. To do so, we need the unfolding power of the collective by weaving their members’ individually gained knowledge and practices into a cohesive oneness shared and manifested in wisdom for the whole. Ancient Wisdom woven into our understanding of New Sciences so that they may enhance heartfelt action guided by awareness of the heart and mind integrated.

One flows into the other and from there feeds back to the one, thus unfolding the patterns of the tapestry of our New Consciousness which will guide our Colllective Action towards the birth of a New World.

There is no teaching and telling and instucting–there is holding space well and carefully design where all that already is may unfold to its fullnes.  It is, like what a systems sciences and kybernetician, Stafford Beer and others in the field would call the power of Liiving systems– Az Élő rendszerek megjelenítő ereje.

It is an Art and Design for us all to be able to do so.


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