WisdomWeavers seminar,2015 Bulgaria

We had a GREAT DAY as Easter is called in Bulgarian language. We did go off to the Rhodope mountains from Plovdiv, a wonderful car ride of ca. 2-2.5 hours with a WP_20150413_022precaution that up there in the hotel area we will have high snow.
It was hard to beleive yet how true it was!

And in the sparkling sunshine and our early morning Sun greetings of Paneurythm we might have contributed to the calling of Spring both in nature and in our shared souls.

What a wonderful group and hosting team, of great diversity but united intend.

WP_20150411_017WP_20150411_011In the hosting team (an age range from 63 to 35)we had Svetla Baltova, of great knowledge and experience to offer the wisdom and practice – paneurhythmy – of our foundational teaching for WWs in Bulgaria: The locally identified, known and cherished tradition of Peter PORTRAIT2Deunov(Beinsa Douno). He is said to come down the line of gnostic understanding most probably emerging from the field of manicheism, bogomils-chathars as late as the early 1900s up to 1944. He, as a Master of the White Brother(Sister)hood has left his lasting and all radiating spirit of love in the minds&hearts of the people. You do come across and at times soak in this Loving Field of the country.. certainly it has its shadow side as well, namely the material and financial chaos and volnurability in the country…
WP_20150412_013Our core host and organisers whose “students” did actually fill in the invitation space not only with their eager to learn spirit but also with great contributions and participantions was Zhivko Stoilov, of a yoga and holistic health center in Plovdiv.

We also had YaniWP_20150413_001na Tanova, of a dynamic and compassion driven entrepreneurial learning community, this time offering us body awareness excercises, which beautifully connected to the mind and spirit talks and dialogues.

2011_0802agota0004The only wisdomweaver from abroad was me, Agota Eva Ruzsa, contributing to the whole unfoldment by dialoguic weaving as well as holding overall space and also offering understanding of the relations between new science and the unfolding  field of human consciousness – Christ consciousness – as understood in the 7 ray, esoteric psychology-woven into B.Douno’s teachings and also Zhivko’s presentation of Integral Consciousness of K.Wilber.
WP_20150412_008The unforgettable and core element of the whole was the bautiful framing of our days with music and singing offered to paneurythm in the morning and also following storytelling in the evening. Songs and singing offered by Nedezsdja and Maria.
Without them we would have had a much impoverished experience of the days.

WP_20150413_011We ended our time together by visiting the well hidden Magic bridges, of nature wonder on the way back home.

It is the land of Opheus and yes, we did experience glimpses of descending and ascending.

Our next WW will be hosted in Hungary at the end of August.


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