Healing in October

asp_970px_oszibudapest_magvera2It seems to me that the month October is truly live and budding (!) of  healing intention of many activities-is it the preparation for the winter silence? I wonder. Are we about to sow seeds for the spring – seeds that want germination and darkness and silence under the all covering velvety snow.. if there will be any to fall.

Our contribution to the already up and going events (Meditation for Peace in times of the chaos around refugees, Soul week end in Budapest, The Gathering of Religions in Utah, US, we also in Hungary offer a first seed to Healing Social Cleavegaes due to traumas of the history so much deployed in the past centrury that it feeds into hatred, anonimousity, division and much much pain:
HDFinal+1Healing Week, Budapest with dialogues, Music, and Psychology leading into Creative Action towards Wholeness.

Our plan is to generate energy and dynamic presence in all Hungary and beyonf, for us we stay in the embrracing scope of the Carpathians, yet we welcome people to join us from all over the world as we do know that traumas of the past social actions, triggered by a mind of beleiving that some are more worthy and superior over and above others.

October 22nd
Healing Dialogues in the City of Budapest linked to special historic communities that suffered deeply in the past…
It is said to be the Day of The Masters-so why not focus on Mastering our own Selves and releasing the demons of history still driving us into the claws of fear.
We finish the day with the inspirational, future oriented music of celebration- when pain moves us into wholeness.
Roni Porat, Szakcsi Lakatos Bela and Kathy Horvath Lajos are all  excellent musicians in their own art diving into our collective dialogues and allowing the inspiration of the whole to move their hands into music for all.

2012-06-21asztalbeszélgetések-VVkonf 0 (1)We also dedicate this day to the celebration of The Wolrd Café movement that we have been working with from its seeding times in 1995 and nurtured and fostered it in a land where formal gatherings, structured hierarchy and social and intellectual rank are still strong and limiting.

images (1)October 23rd-25th
23rd is the day of the outbreak of the last Hungarian Revolution that lead to blood shed and pain and terror in the radical times of communism, which seems to have responded with represssed agression to the hatred and bloodshed, murder and horror of the Holocaust and the Wars before, where – esp. the Ist WW was a bloodshed to ego driven powers of the peak of authoritarian decisions how to live and where to live, and who belongs where..thus borders were created by egotistic wills against all goodwill one can accept.
Healing history day by day  These days we dedicate to deep psychopolgy helping us towards deep democracy…a future we all may well deserve for our selves and for our children and grandchildren.

asp_970px_oszibudapest7Come and join us as your time and energy allows.




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