images (2) Wisdom and Peace. Monoszloeletfaimages (6)
They are inherent qualities of being human. All through eons of history and more specifically at times, when we actively practiced sacred awareness of our humanness, we often call soul in service of the core spirit that we are, then we did have access to the “pure source” which nourishes compassionate action in our societies.
Wisdom to cultivate this awareness is thus very important. The wisdom which tells us to move apply spirituality in a social fabric of partnership and diversity, equality, sisterhood and deep inner freedom to enhance democracy in all aspects of our sacred living. It all serve us to weave a renewed and/or new tapestry of core living in unified oneness, yet multiplied patterns for the generous social spaces that hold and host us all. All of us and not just for the few, are whom wisdom envelops and where knowledge grows into responsible, compassion nurtured actions in a world of great complexity.
After a long period of 4-5 thousand years it is time again to reweave our world with the power of feminine wisdom.
Babba Maria – Boldogasszony clothed in Sunshine (for some having its root in the Sumerian word, bau meaning cornucopia-thus ‘boldog’ is not only blessed with plenty but also Merry and blessed..) is the name for the Feminine Presence in the Carpathians. Still alive though a bit hidden, veiled in the Catholic Maria Cult and pilgrimage..
August 15 is her key Day in the calendar.. in 2017 we invite people from all over to weave our Traditions and New Insights in a societal tapestry of consciousness where life is held in thriving wellness.
It id a face2face, peer2peer, virtual and natural weaving in the realms of our consciousness where intellect meets intuition, words meet action in the generous heart&mind space of the European Center held by the protective, yet history wearied, innovation basin of the Carpathians.

WisdomWeavers 2017.
August 12-15-20.
where tradition and science and our emergent future meet,
where the center is to hold space for all in the manifested Uni-verse embraced and nurtured by the power of the feminine.


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