JUNE 4-5th, Re-Conciliation and Wisdomweaving

45147YfrJXLL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_Healing Collective Traumas – Duna Dialogue and The Art of Collective Healing

It seems that history and the present state of our world shows and witnesses the underlying patterns that have shaped our world up until now. 
The invisible, so far mostly hidden – in systemic language delayed feedback – consequences of our global, regional and individual actions are up on the surface and they impact all of us in various ways. 

Our aim is to offer a space for dedicated and interested people to heal the cleavage, to bridge the gaps and to co-weave a new and emerging pattern for our well-being. It is a major challenge to hold fast and be resilient when and where the status quo is rigidly closing up, while a new consciousness based community is emerging. 

images (1)Our event is on the 4-5th of JUNE, held in Budapest, the capital city of the Hungarians and also for a long time a major spiritual focus for peoples and diverse cultures in the Pannonia-Carpathian Basin.

The 4-5th this time is an unusual date as it is the Pantecost weekend as well as the 4th June is the date of the so called Trianon, Versailles Treaty, Peace dictatum after WWI.

It has created a fertile ground for conflicts and wars and turned the region into a major conflict zone. Like “Peace” treaties after WWI. did the same in many other regions in the world, and also in Europe.
Pantecost is to the archaic Christian church the beginning of a major movement that has been lasting up until now. Thus the Holy Spirit impact has had a major potency. More on Pantecost…

to participate and co-weave the threads and colours, shapes and patterns of a New Society which integrates values of the Tradition and Past, yet frees itself from outdated patterns and routines in mindset and actions, many of them frozen by traumas and pain. 
This is the month of Gemini when at Full Moon-soon after the weekend on the 9th we hold space for healing and creating in the spirit of GoodWill of Humanity. 

536733_392374990805156_149334392_nMETHODS we use
Art of Hosting Basics enhanced by approaches for Collective Healing, such as co-constellation, trauma work, and co-pre-sencing. 

letöltés (1)  There is a lot WE can do for our shared community living in the region.
WE all can do for healing areas and regions that split from the whole due to traumas gone past. Thus collective healing becomes a way to re-store wholeness and open new connections for a larger whole. Re-generation of right relations IS the core purpose we, humans may achieve among ourselves, thus weave the energy pattern for a new beginning.

Co-Hosts, facilitators and trauma healers are invited from among ALL participants as we do acknowledge that the space being evoked offers free and honest, thus healing expression for all of us. 

Initiators of this event are
Agota E.Ruzsa of AGA and SoL, Emese Móricz, Hajnalka Szarvas, Anna T. Malocco
Our re-invited friend: Anngwyn St Just, traumatologist, USA and some others from the AoH and Healing Dialogues as well as the Systemic constellation network. 

IT IS NOT a training, yet the process we apply will also offer ample of learning opportunities how to work with 
– restorative dialogues,
– organisational, community and societal conflicts, 
– diverse opinions feeding into conflicting actions,
– incorporating diversity
– enhancing coherence
– welcoming inspirational insights for innovative outcomes

We are dedicated to host a space for wholeness where – if need and inspiration arises – apart from restored relations, we can move towards healthy cooperation and shared action. Yet we also acknowledge that coherent action arises from coherent consciousness, where fragmentation is reduced or ceased to direct our desire and will, thus ALL space where we manage to experience coherence and wholeness in diversity leads us all towards this outcome, even when only the composting of right relations is achieved. 
Dialogue towards wholeness IS a major ACT. 

We will offer several other learning and healing and mediating events in the following 10 days where you have opportunity for
inner work  seminar with Anngwyn St Just, June 6th,
– deepen understanding on how organisational trauma impacts our work, JUNE 7th 
World Goddwill Day: meditation and mindful dialogue on the spiritual response-ablity of Humanity…-  June 9th
Dialogue con-ferencing on metalearning about working with traumas and collective healing,     restorative dialogues… JUNE 10th
– – inner work  seminars with Anngwyn St Just, June 11th 
– how to bow to the work and inspiration flowing from Prof Ervin Laszlo, that have impacted so many people in the past decades – 14-15th June.