images (7)Organisational Traumas: Are we trapped?
systemic constellation work
with ANNGWYN ST. JUST  and Agota E Ruzsa

June 7th
Social-Organisational and Individual Traumas and their Impact on our Work

We tend to think of social and individual traumas. Yet, this time we will focus on organisational traumas.

In a country like Hungary, where continuity and ongoing practices has been cut and traumatized so many times due to shifts and changes of history, organisations have been through major traumas as well.
We tend to accept the fact of organisational cuulture, thus we need to face the possibility of organisations having a personality=culture and a soul driven prupose.
This mission and purpose and the founders and workers have all had occasions to be traumatized in the past 100-150 years due to changes in ownerships, history, regimes, etc.
These factors ALL have impacted the possible outcome of organisational presence and work.

big_57d18ee1eca1cHave you ever experienced conflict, dissonance and some underlying inhibition when you -otherwise-are almost on the brink of a breakthrough?
Have you experienced that some conflict in decision making just cannot get out on the table?
That your team has a deep underlying resistance – esp the multinational, diverse teams find difficulty in working creatively together?
have you built a thriving organisation but your family members feel resistance to move on with it?
Many many questions we may ask ourselves, that have resolution in a deeper and mostly invisible system that has unresolved patterns blocking us to move on.
This is what we will dedicate our time to during this full day.So bring your issue, come and be with us to unlock some unnecessary patterns that hold us back.Our Facilitators are: ANNGWYN ST JUST , USA  and the Hungarian host, Agota E Ruzsa, assisted by Emese Móricz
Fee: 80-120 euro/pp ( 24.000-36.000 ft/pp)
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Venue: Budapest center.