September-Our Collective Wounds European Healing Journey

An exceptional opportunity for anyone interested in trauma healing, professionals and non-professionals….
Anngwyn St Just is in Budapest the 3rd time – only for a full day on the 6th September and will be offering a key seminar on Healing Traumas-Illness as Trauma, a day workshop with Hellinger kind of systemic constellation combined with her deep knowledge about body awareness as she also works with Peter Levine…
In the evening we are organizing an evening talk and workshop on Illness and Traumas, Individual and Collective interconnectedness. For professionals and all who are interested…
0027_intro01.jpg  September 5th 5 pm
Healing our Memories of the Ottoman Invasion, 1526-1541 until 1686. More on the meeting place.
Meeting place: Gül Baba türbe,
September 6th – Workshop from 10 am -5pm, Tűzmadár Foundation
– Frofessional dialogue on working with Traumas, Tűzmadár foundation
A recent dialogue with her made in Budapest in June 2017., you tube:

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