Short Harvesting of Healing into Wholeness

Healing Journey in the Heart of Europe
The Shadows we live with

Our Healing Journey for me started on
4th September when I, while waiting for our our guest facilitator, Anngwyn St Just went to an evening concert of Zsuzsa Koncz in the Neologue Synagogue of Budapest,
followed up on the 5th September by a visit to Gul Baba Turbe and connecting

Anngwyn with Cordelia0027_intro01 foundation working with collective trauma and refugees.




On the 6th we had a successful workshop Illness as Trauma with ca. 30 people, most of whom are cancer patients. The hosting organisation is a unique Healing center of Firebird Foundation, Budapest.

Afterwards we had an evening dialogue with a few trauma specialists and also Judit Harangozó of Ébredések – Awakenings Foundation as well as Zsuzsa Tar from Cordelia Foundation.
We are hoping to enhance cooperation among these organisations in the future to work with traumas and difficult situations.

7th September up to Mohács with Agota Ruzsa, project leader from HU, Anngwyn from the US, a Croatian, Marija Luna and a Serbian, Ivana Markovic  who came to be with us from Budapest onwards were with us. A short film: 

8th September
From Mohacs up to Visoko and Sarajevo where we had 2 constellations. One dedicated to the energies Pyramids and the other to the pain in Sarajevo.


9th Sept
We continued to Belgrade where a large group met again Illness as Trauma
10th Belgrade: Workshop with A.St Just and 40 participants interested  and the venue – by “ coincidence” was in the Jewish Center and on Monday – completing the cycle – we are having our City Healing story telling and co-constellation of the history of Turkish and recent battles.


11th Belgrade, Healing walk and City Constellation at the merging of rivers Száva and Duna.

The circle is closed AND opening also to our next HJ in 2018.


The circle is closed AND I am ready to open our next HJ in 2018. The core theme is the Femine Face of Divinity in CEE.


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