HEALING into WHOLENESS continued
The Hungarian wisdomweavers group is offering some core events in the year a 100 yrs after WW I.

 Mindfuld Societies – Evoking Soul & Spirit of Peace & Understandinglogo-wgw
This event is dedicated to Hungarian citizens as we are moving into our Spring Election and we would like to contribute to it by setting an intentional tone for all “miriads” to cultivate mindful presence and actions in the process for the benefit of the WHOLE.


May 29th                                                                           dunakanyar-800x600
Visit to the “Heart Chakra” in the Danube bend

May 30th
Let us Talk over and beyond our Polarities!
A Cafe dialogue held in Werk Academy

May 31st
Healing Walks & Constellation in the Heart of Budapest
Read a thorough account on the event here.


September – October – November – December
Beyond our Polarities,
Country wide dialogues in Hungarian held monthly from 2018 Autumn to 2020 June,
Facilitated by SoL facilitators

November 2-4th The Shadows of Europe: End of World War I.
Art of Healing into Wholness

Nowdays there is so much talk about the fragmentation in Europe (and elsewhere!).
We definitely can see the results of the polarisation in and among people, friends and social groups as well as parties. But we also see the polarization of Eastern and Western Europe and the nations in between.

How can we lift the shadows of our past?
How can we see new ways out of this heavy inheritance?
What can we do to move forward based on new understanding and appreciation of our uniqness in the midst of the chaos many of us are experiencing?
What inspiration and innovation can we invoke while we prepare ourselves for collective actions enhance by our collective intelligence?
How can we move beyond the major divisions  in Europe so much present since the Ottoman invasions, reinforced by the Peace Treaties of WWI. in the East of Europe?
How to cultivate resilience based on mindful awareness intertwined with deep compassion for the times to come?

Watch out for upcoming new details here.





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