About Us

  altaji_samandob4-198x200Listen within yourself and look into the infinitude of Space and Time. There can be heard the songs of the Constellations, the voices of the Numbers, and the harmonies of the Spheres. “ – Hermes Trismegistus

WisdomWeavers are smaller and larger soul driven communities dedicated to
Personal&Collective Healing and Transformation via Deep Learning – Social Healing & Dialogues – MindfulPresencing – Inspiring Collaborations. All rooted in Inner Wisdom awakened in our generative collective spaces that is evoked and held firmly in our ecological mind, compassionate heart and collaborative actions.
We weave the learnings of Ancient Wisdom into the Understandings of Present day Science and Psychology with a single focus to generate social space for SOUL driven action, ie. to enhance the unfoldment of sacred democracy based on sacred sustainability. 

Just to make us realize how fragmanted our collective mind is, it is enough to look at the everchanging borders in Europe of the past 1000 years.

We are an open network, initiated by Ariadne Gaia Foundation (AGA) and

0inspired by the seed idea of Agota Eva Ruzsa.

In Bulgaria

svetla 400  Svetla Baltova, an MD doctor, deeply dedicated to B.Dunov’s teaching, teacher of paneurythm..
Zhivko 400 Zhivko Stoilov, running a center in Plovdiv, dedicated to yoga, paneurythm, healing and integral psychology..

in India 
Halasyam Sundaram  in Bangalore, a psychologist of deep Indian understanding..

Founding/Hosting organisation:
AGA – Ariadne Gaia Foundation – was established in 1989 in Hungary as an inspirational initiative of ” wisdomweavers” in Hungary, who were dedicated to express the weaving intention of esoteric tradition discerned by service, metaphysics and wise understanding enhanced by modern day holistic approaches.

rakamazi Turul and the Tree of Life
We have been dedicated to generate spaces where soul and spirit may unite and manifest in the unfolding beauty of a world of feminine and masculine energies in balance and coweaving intent.
Our Tradition of the  Tree of Life where Turul may bring the awakening soul energy for the benefit of all needs a new opening and a rebirth for the times that come. Persian name ” saka” as for scythian has been also associated with the peoples of the deer—the feminine deer  ” eneh” being our, Hngarians urmother visited by the turul, ie. ensouling her with the divine…
All our partners can name some similar legends that enspirit the new spiritual unfoldment that is taking place all over the world.

We intend to join in and contribute to this new opening of consciousness …

We do assume
that Peace and Light can be enhanced by the encompassing power of Love expressed and matured in Shared Living that Gaia may move and grow into her wholeness and become a “sacred planet” when, and only when there is shared understanding, appreciation and equal partnership in and among her nations, peoples.
that the Ages of the Past, the Peoples and Cultures of the Past & Present can and need to be woven into oneness by mutual appreciation and involvement. But the years, decades and centuries, even millenia of the past manifested more of  overruling presence and dominance by the few over the many. Power over, both in physical and economic imperialism and in intellectual capitalism has upset the dynamic balance and the spirit of sacred sustainability, thus inflicting traumas, a  sense of inferiority, belittlement, disempowerment and disrespect for peoples and nations. All leading to tricks and skillls, strategies and tactics to gain more and more at the cost of the other. Where there is no appreciation, safety and self confidence wants expression in egotistic identity enhanced and fueled by power over at the expense of the whole.

WisdomWeavers are people all over the world consciously and skillfully connecting the glocal roots of knowledges matured and held in respect through centuries with the New Knowledge and understanding unfolding in inspirational and scientific communities of new researches. Thus we co-create and hold space for the people who live and work in their respective countries, regions to reconnect locally expressed wisdom with universally held traditions and scientific discoveries. 

Our assumption based on experience is that thus weaving the threads of expanding consciousness may lead to healing from past and collective traumas when one powerful group has expressed superiority over the other and e ignores, ignores talent, wisdom and experience of the people they encounter or the knowledge is stolen and adapted without appreciation, enhancement and acknowledgement of the origin.


to join our network is free for any local, regional group who has been expressing methods and service for transformational healing-learning-leading by harmozing local and uniiversal wisdom matured in the work and service for the benefit of the whole, and tradition woven into New Science and modern day practices.
“Application” to the network is by invitation, co-weaving service and workshop and willingness to share and practice in the fourfold way( see. AoH practice).

The story

The idea to expand our work we in Hungary we have been dedicated to since 1989 arose in Plovdiv,Bulgaria inspired by a Conference hosted by Ideas Factory.
Agota Ruzsa was invited to offer hosting facilitation and a talk on New leadership. I gave a talk on Comapassionate Leadership  and doing so I reconnected back to my early 90s when I was passionate about a wisdom teacher, Peter Dounov of Bulgaria…

As I expressed my early learnings inpsired by his teachings, assuming that only a few people from inner esoteric spirituality circles would know of him…so perhaps I also secretly wanted to bring him into their awareness and also honestly wanted to express my appreciation for the land where he comes from.
Guess what happened?  As it turned out there were SO many people connected to his teachings, his Love messages, his Paneurythm, etc. I even learnt from friends how his teachings and disciples contributed to the important, but little known courageous decision of the Bulgarian king in 1944, so that he eventually stopped the evacuation and annihilation of Bulgarian Jews!!!!

The embracing Love of the people there, the dedication of the young social entrepreneurs committing themselves to the healing of their land, the inspiration they bring into their countries from the Western cultures  while they are not necessarily aware of the gems and power of the land…

DunaSpirit of Old Europe
It all added to a growing awareness of the underlying LOVE manifesting in many social, local and small regional connections in the Eastern and Central European – Duna region, which is about to emerge from the eons of forgetfulness.

It all allows people to awaken to their deep roots while holding the mindspace for new knowledge and- if and when healing of the past, empowerment of the present place, – embracement of the emergent future may contribute to the healthy development of the land.
WisdomWeavers are people all over the world consciously connecting to the local roots, allowing space for the people who live and workd there to reconnect it with others in other areas of our globe–follow the law of social subsidiarity.
They also weave their local wisdom into the globally emerging New Science that is enveloing our present culture.

Wisdom in all regions
We assume that there IS locally rooted wisdom all over our world and the people who do stand behind it with authenticity and truth and integration.

We open to partnership of mutual acknowledgement to enhance the emergence of wisdom forged into social power and regeneration in our globe.

nagyszentmiklósiOur core focus, yet is dedicated to the line of spirituality that was present in the EuroAsian steppe- of Persian, Scythian,Turkish, Hungarian – traditions AND at the same time were deeply inspired and enriched by the paleolithic, neolithic deep cultures that – from the fertile lands of Anatolia moved up and merged into the rich cultures of the Carpathians.. see Marija Gimbutas and her works..



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