Core Approach

My approach and intention in initiating generative spaces for WisdomWeaving is profoundly inclusive and evoking.
We look into – inquire – local power resources – eg. in Bulgaria it is B.Douno teachings and practices – which are the trans-formative foundations for the well-being of each individual and her community woven into the consciousness pattern of his/her nation, land and region.

That particular Tradition becomes the focus point around which we offer  spaces for individual, small group and large group work enhanced by open dialogues for deep inquiry of heart-mind attention.
Thus we allow space for unfolding meaning in the collective. Purposefully and awarely we also offer some pathwaysrooted in modern science and psychology woven into local traditions enhancing collective empowerment.
We certainly include processes, such as con-constellating, ie. systemic constellation for collective healing, quantum dialogue and deep understanding of David Bohm’s, Art of Hosting dialogue dynamics,  shamanic approaches to recall the field of intelligence as well as some guided memory walks & talks on our understanding of the evolution of human consciousness  as expressed in the ebbs and flows of human civilizations & cultures in the human collective in relation to our ecological awareness and the evolution of our Gaia consciousness.
We also offer reflection and deep inner communion with nature and the collective field where others in the group are seated.
Yet, the focus is less on sharing information in lectures and interpretations and more on gaining insights through practices that contribute to a collective re-weaving of the consciousness of the group.
In each case we  weave approaches offered and enlived by local hosts woven together with this general framework of  the original call as articulated here.

I, the caller eg. always offer a particular metaphysical approach of the 7 rays psychology, Ervin Laszlo and his Evolution of Eons reflected in some new understanding of  Science and Tradition as well as aspects of systems awareness in mindful learning and transformation and also my inner work practices of co-counselling and mindfulness and AoH.
I also draw on the practice and wisdom of modern transpersonal psychology, in my case rooted in psychosynthesis and also field science, as turned into the generative field of holding formative patterns and by conscious awareness offering space for shift and readjustment using methodologies rooted in B.Hellinger’s constellation work as well as cathartic work.

On the other hand the core intent is NOT to introduce individual excellence in some approaches but rather see how our  processes of local traditions and modern, science based understanding may enhance the deepening of collective wisdom together. 

Thus it all becomes a HEALING JOURNEY where we are more of guides and hosts on the Path and offer some resting and reflective stops guided with some specific knowledge or methods.
Agota Eva Ruzsa


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