We follow the principle of the Fourfold Way of the Art oh Hosting community.

This is also the TAO “way” where learning arises in practice and experience. Thus we are more than happy to weave our connections into Co-Weaving Partnership when

1. Participate in learning by being part of a group and you have already experienced a WW event somewhere in the world as participant.

2. Personal mastery by following an inner practice of deepening the understanding in mind&heart matured in compassionate action, linked into the local, harmonized with the global.

3. Serve together by also offering, hosting and organizing WW events where wisdom from the local IS connected with wisdom of the universal.

4. Reflecting and co-learning together with others for the refining of the approach in order to best serve the emerging new consciousness that is nurturing new action to express true partnership and equal sharing ( of resources, opportunities, understanding and knowledge.)

Criteria for participation 


  1. Have you undertaken a WW event? (this is a prerequisite for the WW Facilitator’s Learning)
  2. Do you intend to offer generative spaces for WW?
  3. Do you have experience of inner work and self knowledge?
  4. Do you have a regular practice of reflection/meditation?
  5. Are you willing to experience the dark night of the soul of your self and the world culture?
  6. Are you committed to transforming our current world challenges and values?
  7. Do you have experience of initiating and running at least one social action project?
  8. Are you experienced and confident in holding a space and public speaking?
  9. Are you able to self motivate and resource yourself?
  10. Are you seeking to be part of a global movement for transformation?

If SO, then contact us:


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