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Dióhéjban: Mind módszertani, mind személyes fejlődési szempontból, s leginkább közösségi szinten igen fontos volt az életemben.Az első nap kivakartam magam, hogy elmenjek, de már az elején láttam, hogy mind a 3 napot meg kell csinálnom.Ha összegeznék, azt mondhatom, hogy idáig úgy éreztem magam ebben a világban, hogy egy rettentő vékony szálon függök/kapcsolódok, ami bármikor könnyen elszakadhat. Aznap este az volt az érzésem, hogy erős szálakkal kapcsolódok emberek hálójához, s ez nagy biztonsággal töltött el. Felidézem majd ezt az érzést. Ágota nagy varázsló, s hihetetlen, mit tud összehozni a csoport. :)’ ( L.Sarolta, résztvevő)


“I read your article about our experiences together and loved it—a lovely piece about a wonderful journey. And it’s great to have a record of those magical places.Ever since I got home I’ve been meaning to tell you a dream that I had a few days after we said goodbye:
A lecturer or pundit of some sort is giving a talk about Hungary. He says, “Everything in Hungary, regardless of how it may seem, is really about the Hungarian National Question. For example: should a man and his wife be arguing, whatever the topic of the argument may appear to be, they are really arguing about the Hungarian National Question. Or, if there is a conflict between a parent and child, whatever the conflict might seem to be about, the issue is really the Hungarian National Question. In fact, scratch the surface of anything in Hungary at all, and you will find the Hungarian National Question immediately underneath”.
I’ve never had any dream like that before. I found the speaker witty and pleasant to listen to and most persuasive. Whatever else it was, the dream was a memento of our trip and steeped in all the things we learned from you.
Finally, friends are going to Budapest. You might point them to some of your magical places. I’ve already told them about Saint Rita, the impromptu Holocaust memorial at that statue you took us to, and the Stone Soup restaurant.

I hope things are going well with you and wish you a wonderful 2017.
Warmly,  Daniel
Danube Dialogues It was indeed a heart-felt honor to be invited as a guest and co-facilitator for this  wonderfully innovative Danube Dialogues event during my first visit to Hungary.   As British biologist,Rupert Sheldrake has recently demonstrated and shamans and medicine people have always known, places really do have very real “fields of memory”.  While the presentations, film and shared discussion groups all contributed to a rich collective experience, our walking tour in view of multilayered historical  government buildings which had served through a series of repressive ideologies offered an opportunity for experiencing a closer proximity to these disturbing realities.  As we moved through very old and still changing ethnic neighborhoods, which had borne witness to oppressive fear and countless tragedies, and then a hidden synagogue, one could feel the necessity for the secret Chapel of St.Rita of Casia, Patron Saint of the impossible and hopeless causes.
Moving together through this day and those places also lent the feeling of a short pilgrimage in recognition of a culturally rich and troubled past as well as the oncoming pressures facing Hungary today. While it has been said that “Hungary marches to a different drummer”, what we all have in common now is the reality that we are all of us living in a very different world than the one that we grew up in, as well as a shared experience in the challenges of our collective human condition now facing an unknown and potentially perilous future.  With events such of this, we are given an opportunity  to remain mindful of our ancient roots as well as our still evolving potential, always rich in edges where old patterns can  resolve and something new can begin.” Anngwyn St Just

“One of many lessons I learned on this trip is that if I simply trust your creative energy and don’t try to do anything, something wonderful emerges. That was true about the opera and sundry other matters, and it was true tonight. This journey has been a deep life event for me. I bow to you with respect and thank you, and Budapest, and Hungary, from my heart. My feeling body has been glowing with satisfaction from the moment I stepped into this magical space, and you have been my guide from start to finish. This world has been nourishing to me on many more levels than I can express.
The next time I greet you it will be as an old friend. Thank You!” Daniel, Kanada

“Angwynn St. Just rendszerállító a világ számos pontján dolgozott már nemzetállítással is, és kollektív traumák gyógyításával foglalkozik, pár napos műhelyfoglalkozás keretében dolgoztunk a kollektív traumák gyógyításával itthon, köszönjük Ruzsa Ágota, hogy elhoztad őt nekünk, s a műhelyfoglalkozáson, ahogy rákérdeztem, hogy milyennek érzékeli a kollektív energiateret itt Magyarországon, azt mondta, hogy Perura emlékezteti, nagyon ősi, archaikus, minden sík és szint egyszerre egyidejűleg jelen van, nagyon intenzív, érzelmileg nagyon erős, telített, még sok érdekes dolgot mondott, és országok közti összehasonlításokat is, amit érzékelt…” Hajnalka Szarvas.

Személyes, fényképes reflexió Orosz Katalintól itt olvasható.


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