The Gifts of the Spirit

Plovdiv, April. 2019, Easter

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2016-Healing into Wholeness: Healing walks and sites and seminars

The end of October, the time for remembering the diceased, uniting with spirits and uplifting patterns that hold us back. This time coincided the a commemoration of our founder, or rather his spirit, Wictor Charon, a 2oth century philosopher and esoteric writer, who really has inspired many of us into understanding the process of death and dying and the events in history from a different perspective.
We also commemarated the 60th anniversary of the revolution in 1956, which was a major uprising against the status quo of the so called peace treaties of the WWI and WWII.

Anngwyn St Just, who was an invited guest of the ISCA gathering in Zagreb came over with a Canadian participant to Budapest and she, as our guest and co-facilitatator for the 2nd Healing Collective Trauma, Budapest workshop spent time with us.
The 1st day was a start and tuning in by Healing Walks at historic sites followed by
a deep dialogue and sharing afterwards from participants and therapist who work with refugees, survivals applying therapy, constellations and cancer therapy in their work, while we also shot
the film made of a 2 year long 11 constellations about the state of the nation… and we deepened our personal experience with a two day contellation intensive to finish it with a walk in nature and a trip to the Pilis mountans and the Danube bend at healing sites for the region…

Photoes are here to accompany this Healing Pilgrimage right from zagreb to Budapest and the Danube bend.

zagrabfrom Zagreb to img_0942

through a short pilgrimage







to Budapest in the night…


Day. 2.  was started by the Healing walks around a square which used to have names like

1817-től Cereal market
1837-től. Horse Market
1873-tól New market
1902-1946 Kalman Tisza square
1946-2011 People’s Republic square
2011-   Pope John Paul the 2nd square

We started off at a market place which just recently got renovated and until then it had been an old market still with the feeling of WW2nd flea market that used to be inhabited by lower middle class Jewish handlesmen,  now this area is mostly populated by gipsies and an upcoming juppie class…
We stopped by at a church of Sz Rita, the saint of impossible situations…


Last year the parish was open and the priest told us the “miraculous ” story of a church which was in its peak at the times of the dark communist period of the 50s…. One of our participant shared her stories related to the church and the priest who was very active in the 50-60s there…img_0991

Then we walked on to the hidden synagogue of Nagyfuvaros u. wimg_0995hich was purchased in 1920 and since then it is without any stop a live synagogue with a long story to share,wp_20161027_002



from then on we passed the Roma cultural center that gave us home to our last year event..somnakaj_hidat_jelenthet

and slowly we walked by the Erkel Opera House, kind of Volksoper of Budapest, right next to the ex headquaters of the Nazi party in 1944-1945, and later of the Communist party and which witnessed awful lnching and sad tortures in the 1956 revolution big_0011325754and a few years later the reformed Socialist party reoccupied it until just a few years ago,mszp_szekhaz_2_mp4_snapshot_00_14_2015_08_28_01_13_57 mszp_szekhaz_1_mp4_snapshot_25_01_2015_08_28_01_12_57

since then it has an unknown, some say Israeli property owner but as you can see the building say everything about the state of that time and is a video of several parts still not showing its present state, img_0998

Messeges on the iron doors:

Order, order, order at last,
out with rubbish to rubbish heaps
let this country clean up the mess and the dirt that is all around. ( Gyula Illyes)





Capitalism is a sinful structure as it is operated by such shameful values as:

– greed for power
– greed for the ego
– lust for pleasures. ( John Paul II.)




Tell me, how you can believe those who live 5 rooms heated and warm? (Attila Jozsef)







Finally we stopped by a bookshelf and lecture room right next to this building where ghosts and yelling, shrieks and torture are still perceived by those who see and hear… this bookshop on the other hand is dedicated to the research, dissemination and space of knowledge that leads Hungarians back to their roots, pride and identity based on a non acedemic understanding of our origin and also on the trauma of the peace treaties in Trianon, after WWI which led to the loss of 2/3rd of our 1000 old country… still unhealed wound oozing into the collective consciousness of our peoples.wp_20161027_038







Our host for this walk was Ruzsa Ágota, the originator of this project in Hu.wp_20161027_021


Then we continued with the Dialogue conference and film in a building that used to hold a cabare-movie theatre in the early 1900s 1-apollo-filmszinhaz-egykor_huand

then a most posh department store since 1926, with the very first escalator in the country3-corvin-kepeslap-30-40s

which lost its grandour in the war, bombed, but no so seriously wounded in the siege, but because it was in German property, as compensation it was handed over to the Russians, who owned it until 1952 when it was given to the Hungarian state… where the very first public television in 1954 was on show for people to watch programs. 14-tv-nezo-tomeg-56-szept-11-regiujsag_blog_hu-1
The building got seriously shelled and ruined in the Anti-Russian revolution in 1956…


not much was spent on upkeeping and renovation after the revolution so by the 60s the decision was to cover the building with aluminium cover…thus the inner walss of the granious past are still behind this aluminium!!!
In the 60s when the escalator was reistablished it was N. Hruschov, the head of the Russina Communist Party opened it, broadcasted to the whole country on TV. 19-corvin-kb-65-fortepan
Since the transition in the store has changed owners many times, nobody really wanted to invest in it…20-corvin-ruha-es-fal-talalkozasa-2_bp_blogspot_com

The main owners are Chinese investors but not only their clothes are for sale, but the upper floor is used by clubs and buars and community spaces, such MÜSZ wjere we had our dialogue conference. 



The hosts of this event, and co facilitators were Agota Ruzsa and Judit Szentirmai, AoH facilitators and trustees of the hosting organisation, Ariadne Gaia.

The 3rd-4th days were dedicated to deepening our inner experience in a place where a smaller group could dive into inner birth ( at a symbolic space of the home of Agnes Gereb, who has been the leader and freedom fighter of home birthing in Hungary in the past 30 years…)

510u-6jfqdl-_sx326_bo1204203200_Anngwyn St Just, img_0941our invited gues facilitator guided us through some deep inner work where some identified roots and archetypes for strengthening identity, connecting to the homeland, coming out more empowered and understanding for the next steps to take.. we also at times moved out of our personal stories and intertwined with hsitroy and wounds and secrets…

images-3We finished the programe by visiting countryside and healing region off Budapest and unwinding in a restaurant, called Rosinante on Szentendre island…where we once in 2004 had the very last International Women Dialogue and left the cushion with the elephant t19423_1024here as a gift which you see on the sofa now. And in 2011 we had the 2nd Duna Dialogue

We also stopped in Szentendre, a small artistic town which was a serb – croatian town founded by refugees who were fleeing from the Ottoman Turks from the 1400s up to the 1700s with some pasue in between as Hunbgary was also under constant fight with the turks those days. szentendre022335-szentendrei-programok

It is really meaningful to have finished our Healing week here as according to our plans, in 2017 September we will continue this work of bringing peace in the Duna valley by having Annrwyn with us and from Budapest we move on to Belgrade, capital of Serbia….

Those who could accompany and join us in the whole pilgrimage of Healing collective wounds had a full range experience of personal stories, insights in family homes, walks and sharings of history long past and nearby, deep personal work, dialogue with like minded people and sharing and resting in healing places and sites.
The diverse threads could be woven into a wholeness of experience that may well manifest in personal tapestries of a new beginning…

No wonder we, Hungarians and some of our neighbouring peoples still struggle with self esteem, identity, victim consciousness and a kind of myopic perspective… the root chakra energy of the nation is gravely weakened and the challenge for us now is to move on while we do heal the wounds of times as well so that healthy and energized new perspectives can emerge iin the embracing space of the Carpathians.

by Agota Ruzsa


Some reflections on the series of events:

“One of many lessons I learned on this trip is that if I simply trust your creative energy and don’t try to do anything, something wonderful emerges. That was true about the opera and sundry other matters, and it was true tonight. This journey has been a deep life event for me. I bow to you with respect and thank you, and Budapest, and Hungary, from my heart. My feeling body has been glowing with satisfaction from the moment I stepped into this magical space, and you have been my guide from start to finish. This world has been nourishing to me on many more levels than I can express.
The next time I greet you it will be as an old friend. Thank You!” Daniel, Kanada

“Angwynn St. Just rendszerállító a világ számos pontján dolgozott már nemzetállítással is, és kollektív traumák gyógyításával foglalkozik, pár napos műhelyfoglalkozás keretében dolgoztunk a kollektív traumák gyógyításával itthon, köszönjük Ruzsa Ágota, hogy elhoztad őt nekünk, s a műhelyfoglalkozáson, ahogy rákérdeztem, hogy milyennek érzékeli a kollektív energiateret itt Magyarországon, azt mondta, hogy Perura emlékezteti, nagyon ősi, archaikus, minden sík és szint egyszerre egyidejűleg jelen van, nagyon intenzív, érzelmileg nagyon erős, telített, még sok érdekes dolgot mondott, és országok közti összehasonlításokat is, amit érzékelt…” Hajnalka Sz.

And here is a lovely collection from our Healing walk which you can download here.  






October 27th. 2-9pm 
with Healing walkks, dialogues and a film on constellating the national destinity..

Venue: MÜSZI, Budapest, Blaha L. tér. 1. 

October 28-29. 10am-5pm

Workshop with Anngwyn St Just,
Venue: 1st district, Hunyadi J.u.9. gatebell: Gereb-Erdély

mobile: 0036302382725
A short song dedicated to 1956, and offered asa lead in song by the lyricts composer, Nora Nemethy, 


The heArt of Collective Healing – weaving the new societal tapestry of our resilient, healthy and renewable society for the benefit of all.
Individual, community and social healing from our traumas of the historical past. Intergenerational Healing by weaving wisdom from our emerging wisdom of the collective having healed the traumas of the past, cocreating space for the wisdom to emerge in healthy, compassionate action to be yielded and rooted.
Történelmi sebek-értelmetlen küzdelmek-fájdalmas elakadások önmagunkban, egymás között, személyes és népcsoportok, nemzetek és nemzetek között. 
A világ átalakulóban. Nem engedhetjük meg magunknak, hogy sérült lélekkel, fájdalmas szívvel lemaradjunk. Az átalakuló világ az összefogásra, együttműködésre és együttérzésre épülő kapcsolati hálóban találja meg önmagát. Ebben akarunk mi is részt venni.Földanya gyógyító hívása és régiónk, Kárpát-medencei érlelő tere ad nekünk lehetőséget, ha tudatos, értő és elkötelezett odafordulásban a múltat elengedjük és a jövőt beengedjük. 


Ez a munka folyamatos kibontakozásban alakul, változik a te közreműködésed által.



images (2) Wisdom and Peace. Monoszloeletfaimages (6)
They are inherent qualities of being human. All through eons of history and more specifically at times, when we actively practiced sacred awareness of our humanness, we often call soul in service of the core spirit that we are, then we did have access to the “pure source” which nourishes compassionate action in our societies.
Wisdom to cultivate this awareness is thus very important. The wisdom which tells us to move apply spirituality in a social fabric of partnership and diversity, equality, sisterhood and deep inner freedom to enhance democracy in all aspects of our sacred living. It all serve us to weave a renewed and/or new tapestry of core living in unified oneness, yet multiplied patterns for the generous social spaces that hold and host us all. All of us and not just for the few, are whom wisdom envelops and where knowledge grows into responsible, compassion nurtured actions in a world of great complexity.
After a long period of 4-5 thousand years it is time again to reweave our world with the power of feminine wisdom.
Babba Maria – Boldogasszony clothed in Sunshine (for some having its root in the Sumerian word, bau meaning cornucopia-thus ‘boldog’ is not only blessed with plenty but also Merry and blessed..) is the name for the Feminine Presence in the Carpathians. Still alive though a bit hidden, veiled in the Catholic Maria Cult and pilgrimage..
August 15 is her key Day in the calendar.. in 2017 we invite people from all over to weave our Traditions and New Insights in a societal tapestry of consciousness where life is held in thriving wellness.
It id a face2face, peer2peer, virtual and natural weaving in the realms of our consciousness where intellect meets intuition, words meet action in the generous heart&mind space of the European Center held by the protective, yet history wearied, innovation basin of the Carpathians.

WisdomWeavers 2017.
August 12-15-20.
where tradition and science and our emergent future meet,
where the center is to hold space for all in the manifested Uni-verse embraced and nurtured by the power of the feminine.



images (2)              

” We are left with the possibility of inquiry. And the possibility for Inquiry comes from space, not from something being filled in.” source JK

May this year bring us the deepening of collaboration, co-weaving and co-creation so that we may enhance our local initiatives by global weaving  of wisdom and inquiry, understanding and deep transformation for a new social tapestry to emerge from the wisdom of the past woven into the new understandings of the future.

Gatherings of WisdomWeavers

April 13-16th  – Pantecost times of the Mother
The Rebirthing of the Feminine

PETRASN_1Carpathians region 
Balkan region

Other partners who connect..

WisdomWeavers Summer

1431412168_tmp_imagesJúlius 23-25. JelenLét és TéR-háló fejlesztő  műhely
 tanároknak, fejlesztőknek, coachoknak és képzőknek, sőt gyógyítóknak, támasz-és tanácsadóknak
Teremtő élő Rendszerek hálózata:TéR
Családállítás-TérÁllítás, teremtő szerető figyelem, cselekvő együttérzés, természet és testtudat, attunement és mindful gyakorlatok

25-26. Lélekhang: CoCounselling, mint a tudatos jelenlét gyakorlásának módszere
CoCounselling as Mindful Practice
Az alapképzés I. része

LélekJelenLét-nyári műhely, amikor
7 ágra süt a Nap
MindfulPresence in Healing, Coaching and Leading
4 napos nyári elvonulás Nagykovácsi-Remeteszőlős, Bp. határában 
  Reziliencia, életképes belső tudás, készségek és képességek nehéz és változó időkre.

imagesJúl.13-16.JelenLét a TéRben, Pécs
Induló műhely a pécsi kollégákkal a CCC konferencia idejében

DunakanyarAugust 19-23th: Mindfulness in Practice: Sharing and Co-Learning in the Duna region, a Wisdomweavers gathering.

SoulPresence is the key energy towards developing mindful leadership capacities that lead us to a mindful society based on Intuitive Knowing, Caring and Inclusion, creativity and co-creation.This is Sacred Sustainability and deep ecology as well as deep democracy.
We set special focus
on circular economy processes that offer nourishment and living spaces with inclusion and benefit for all.
on the systemic interconnectedness of inner & outer development based on new scientific and old Wisdom based approaches
on key leadership and entrepreneurial capacities that will provide resilient knowledge and direction for the world in transition. 
4 days of WisdomWeaving in the Duna region.

Off Budapest A Learning-Healing Leadership Academy August 19-24th.
Duna Collegium (a strategic alliance for sacred sustainabiliity in the Duna region)

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