Con-ference: Trapped by our Collective Traumas?

images (7)June 10th, Saturday
10am-17pm – A Dialogic Con-Stellation 

How do collective traumas impact our social well being, social-economic and political modus vivendi?
Healing into Wholeness: A Systemic Approach on Healing our Social-Collective Wounds, Understanding the Madhouse..

Experts invited:images
Anngwyn St Just, social traumatologist,
Zsuzsa Tar, psychiatrist

Co-Facilitated by Agota E Ruzsa and Emese Móricz

Contribution: 40 euros

Healing Conversations, HeartSpace for inner work by sharing personal, family and memory stories related to our collective wounds.
Deep listening to the voices from around.
Restorative work with respect, listening and constellations.
9.30 Arrival
10. am  Circle opening
11. am Stories we live by  – small circles
12. am  Anngwyn on Collective Traumas

1.30 – Stories we heard and hold onto

2.00 – Con-Stellation of the story we all choose, Anngwyn
3.00 – See what has emergened from our collective
4. 00 – Anything left, will be offered in the constellation space on the 11th June.
4.30 Closing Circle…