We intend to join in and contribute to this new opening of consciousness …

We do assume
that Peace and Light can be enhanced by the encompassing power of Love expressed and matured in Shared Living that Gaia may move and grow into her wholeness and become a “sacred planet” when, and only when there is shared understanding, appreciation and equal partnership in and among her nations, peoples.
that the Ages of the Past, the Peoples and Cultures of the Past & Present can and need to be woven into oneness by mutual appreciation and involvement. But the years, decades and centuries, even millenia of the past manifested more of  overruling presence and dominance by the few over the many. Power over, both in physical and economic imperialism and in intellectual capitalism has upset the dynamic balance and the spirit of sacred sustainability, thus inflicting traumas, a  sense of inferiority, belittlement, disempowerment and disrespect for peoples and nations. All leading to tricks and skillls, strategies and tactics to gain more and more at the cost of the other. Where there is no appreciation, safety and self confidence wants expression in egotistic identity enhanced and fueled by power over at the expense of the whole.

WisdomWeavers are people all consciously and skillfully connecting the local roots of Wisdom Traditions – matured and held in respect through centuries – with the New Science based Knowledge and understanding unfolding in inspirational and scientific communities of the world. Thus we co-create and hold space for the people who live and work in their respective countries, regions to reconnect locally expressed wisdom with universally held traditions and scientific discoveries. 

Our assumption based on experience is that thus weaving the threads of expanding consciousness may lead to healing from past and collective traumas when one powerful group has expressed superiority over the other and e ignores, ignores talent, wisdom and experience of the people they encounter or the knowledge is stolen and adapted without appreciation, enhancement and acknowledgement of the origin.