June 9th World Goodwill day

logo-wgw2017. JUNE 9th 

A day of full moon at Gemini, the last of the 3 main spiritual festivals dedicated to goodwill, that is Love in Action.
In 2017 it is on the 9th June, The Great Invocation Day.

We will meet at Gellert hill, at Philosophers’ Park at 5pm for meditation, small talk and goodwill offered for our nation, for the region and the world.
Then we mindfully walk down right across the hill to the Pest side where we will come together to share our intentions and thoughts dedicated to Love in Action, ie. Goodwill in our world.

Gellért hill,
Ars et Vita, Váci u.40.

Contribution: donation
Hosts: a small group of full moon meditators

Please, register here for our records to see who might join us.





árosi sétának 4h-tól fel a Gellért hegyre, ott a Filozófusok parkja-esetleg egy meditáció, aztán vissza a Váci u-ba és ott egy közös program???