It seems that self organizing, self inquiry, mindful practices for the in-dividual and the community go hand in hand allow us to weave from our inner depth the necessary threads for a mindful and aware society.
To reach into and up to this level of wholeness in society we need to cultivate our Mindful presence, aware and caring attention, catharsis and compassion, clear thinking and systemic understanding.
They all open up space for Collective Healing which then allows space for Collective Wisdom that in turn will enhance the emergence of Sacred Democracy.

What do we mean by sacred in this sense?
The understanding and awareness of the wholness in our unfilding, manifesting world. A wholeness inspired into manifestation from the Devine Mind in co-weaving intentions streaming from the hearts&minds of people for the benefit of ALL.
It also means the capacity to connect and reconnect ( re-ligio), participate and nurture Life in a wholesome way. It leads us to a social and natural reorganisation of our role and responsibility by which we will become aware co-creators in a world of mindful presence, thus the wholeness and sacredness of life may well be reflected in our living.
This process needs wisdomweavers who take knowledge, skills and time and effort to facilitate and coach in the flow of co-creation.
WisdomHubs are places for both developing AND practising-wisdom sanghas or whatever we call them in our respective and local languages.
The core principles are: working in the field, peer2peer work with skills like mindfulness, cocounselling, deep bohmean dialogue, inspirational pracitices..

Our CORE VISION and PURPOSE is to support this development.
In this respect humanity has arrived at the level of conscious development when the core steps and choices we can and must take are to include all that is in the manifested world by the magnetic, WeSpace of Compassionate Love.
This is our greatest challenege in the unfolding new society we are moving into and co-weave its new tapestry by each individual and collective act we take.
Thus democracy is destined to unfold the field and its power in an all encompassing space where the depth and height of our humanness may meet and cross the pathways of our Gaia in a sacred union to sustain the magic and wonder of Nature while connecting to the divine.

We believe each region on the face of gaia has the core wisdom and understanding to have moved in this direction, thus what we only intend to do is to offer holistic spaces where they all can emerge and meet in respect and mutual learning.

We already, in the Danube region of Europe seem to have had a major period similar to these values, called The Danube culture… read more here…



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