In order to establish a sound foundation for democracy to reach its deep and sacred roots and heights, of which – perhaps the best is from our ancient symbols – the Celtic Cross stand  beautifully,  we dedicate a few core activities, such as

Collegium Peregrinus

scholars, experts and experienced wisdomweavers of integrated heads-hearts-hands work to the service of

I. Deep Healing of the collective wound burnt into our energy web leaving scars and distorted patterns behind.

II. Presencing to evoke the emerging future in co-creating and WisdomWeaving.

III. Developing network based Peer2Peer Learning Hubs: WisdomHubs all around in small and rural and larger and urban places with full appreciation of this major devision in human society, giving accreditation to the new ecology based transpersonal and sacred communities, villages, transition experiments, etc.
This Collegium is NOT for institutionalized accreditation of some power based hierarchies, yet the focus for right relationships, appropriate knowledge, applied and experience based development are very important. All in the spirit of Peer2Peer learning with heartfelt sharing for the benefit of all.