WisdomWeavers are people dedicated to enhance local and global wisdom woven together by their resources… it is not someone coming to teach, or lecture, but rather it is a process design where people from a local and the universal fountains of wisdom may tune into a growing universal flow of understanding. In Bulgaria and Serbia and in Hungary for sure and perhaps later in the Carpathians elsewhere. We are weaving our hearts and minds around some inspirational work or tradition of  local keynotes, such as in Bulgaria Beinsa Douno, whose teachings live and move in the spirit of the people there.



WW-facebook-baner-kvadratApril 10th -13th 2015. Bulgaria,     Easter-Spring,
The Spirit of Beinsa Douno:
Love with Nature, WisdomWeaving in the Rodopi mountains


kisebb dunaMINDFUL DIALOGUES along the Danube-WisdomWeavers’ gathering

August 19-23. 2015. Hungary,
off Budapest in Szentendre

Keynote: DunaSpirit and the Call of the Land: Sacred Sustainability – Sacred Democracy
We, together from friends and Kindred Spirits will weave the sblime threads of consciousness by mindfulness, shamanic journeying, drumming and singing, deep dialogues and constellation work is a generative space where the filed is potent with participants aware presence.
Information: Agota Eva Ruzsa, aruzsa@solhungary.hu




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