Partnering Mindful HUBs

We ARE welcoming HUBS of MindfulPresence all over the world who have been intentionally weaving a new tapestry of consciousness by hospicing and/or healing the Past, by learning and leading in MindfulPresence so that we may live in a fresh and new Life in the here and now.

Partners of local, regional groups who intend to join our network need be dedicated to weave methods and service together for transformational healing-learning-leading by harmozing local and uniiversal wisdom matured in the work and service for the benefit of the whole, and tradition woven into New Science and modern day practices.

“Application” to the network is by invitation, co-weaving service and workshop and willingness to share and practice in the fourfold way( see. AoH practice).

We intend to weave a living network of like minded people from regional mindPresence centers.
One core region is the
image002      and the Duna valley 

Upper with the Black forest to the Danube bend (Austria-Germany-Czech and Slovakia)
Middle from the Danube bend to the Iron gate ( The Carpathians-Hungary, The Ukraine-Lower Poland,Slovakia, Transylvania, Serbia,Croatia, Slovenia)
Lower from the Iron gate to the Black sea (Bulgaria, Romania, The Ukraine,Moldavia)

This region for us is symbolized by the beautiful, heart felt scientific work of Marija Gimbutas, who has a deep understanding of life and culture woven into some sacred presence in the hearts&minds of people living in what she calls Old Europe, before the times of IndoEuropean ” invasion”, after the times of the last Ice Age.

In order to reestablish the sacredness of partnership with one another, with humanity in service of Gaia to offer a living space for all on her face.




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