WW-facebook-baner-kvadratWeaving Hearts and Minds into Compassionate Action

April 10th evening -13th after lunch, 2015.
Bulgaria, Smolyan,                 

Keep the freedom of your soul.                 Keep the power of your spirit.
Keep the light of your mind.
To serve, to respect and to love.
These are the rules of the New Life.” Beinsa Douno



Registration link is here.                                           

Personal Contacts:
Zhivko Stoilov,  zhivko.stoilov@gmail.com
Svetla Baltova,  svetlabaltova@abv.bg

Homepage link is here.    

Love in Nature-Love with Living

We will weave the threads of mind, spirit and soul by movements, music and teachings of Beinsa Douno while unfolding collective meaning in deep dialogue, understanding living systems, appreciating tradition and modern-day psychology.

Wisdomweavers are we, all who come and fully participate.
The Flow of the Days-Program in details.

Our weavers are
2011_0802agota0004Agota Eva Ruzsa,                       Svetla Baltova,svetla 400



 Zhivko Stoilov,Zhivko 400                             Yanina Taneva          Yanina 400




                         WHEN?    April 10th evening -13th after lunch, 2015.

WHERE?  Smolyan, Bulgaria, Rhodope mountainsHotel-Finlandia

rodopi-101Съединението прави силата

WisdomWeavers are people dedicated to enhance compassionate action in mindful presence by weaving threads of local and global wisdom into a new tapestry of consciousness. It is not someone coming to teach or lecture mindstuff but rather it is a process where we harmonize in heart and mind and learn to appreciate local wisdom reflected in universal principles and science and understanding in the 21century.
In Bulgaria we are to weave our hearts and minds around the inspirational work of PORTRAIT2Beinsa Douno whose teachings live and move in the spirit of the people in the whole of the country.

Films and music of his work.


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