images (12)A major center for the Carpathian Healing hubs is Belgrade area  where there is a lively community of systemic constellators as well as a deep and aware group of people dedicated to the mystical background of our past and present.

A key contact person is Ivana Markovic, a world traveller of free spirit.
One of our healing into Wholeness programs in 2017, September will be taking place form Budapest to Sarajevo, from Sarajevo to Belgrade to Vinca.
Vinca is an ancient site where some time ago archeologists identified a distinctive culture together with the Transylvanian Tordos – Tatarlaka culture and the Polgar culture that seems to predate the Mesopotamian scripts and many other early societies.
What is unique here is the social tapestry of society, which according to some, like Marija Gimbutas was a partnership based, non violent, non dominant society weaving heart and mind and “sustainable-ecological awareness together.
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