Agota Eva Ruzsa

2011_0802agota0004  Idea originator and enhancer together with other partners in respective areas..

Since the mid 70s, as a traveller and those days a devotee to the Anglo_saxon Culture, then in what we used to call the West, I have gained so much experience about communication, cultural differences and difffering levels of partnership, dichotomy of issues like helping, serving, partnering and cooperating.
I feel and see the subtleties of differences that occasionally, or at varying degrees do abuse the true meaning of the words, though usually unconscious and unintentional.
I have grown to see the world as a globe. A globe which is interwoven with our unintentional and intentional actions in minds and hearts and hands. 

In order to allow a new and peaceful world based on trust and cooperation we do need to heal the wounds&pains of the past, learn the essence of our interbeingness and lead in cooperation and equality in mindful presences for the benefit of the whole.

Weaving htreads of Healing-Learning-Leading in MindfulPresence offers the opportunity for a New Tapestry of Consciousness which may provide a fertile, “composted” soil for a Compassionate society to emerge.

This is what I want to dedicate the time and space I inhabit this time here and now.

Ágota Éva Ruzsa
, mindful coach&facilitator, wisdomweaver (térteremtő),
Budapest, Hungary, chair of SoL Hungary,

Originally,as a teacher of Arts and Languages, she co-founded the Hungarian affiliate of International House Language School in Hungary in the early 1980s.

In 1988 studied and got teacher training certificate – in co-counselling, assertiveness, six-cat coaching – at Human Potential Research Group founded by John Heron at the University of Surrey,UK.  Thus in 1989 she co-founded  Ariadne Gaia Alapítvány for personal and professional development for people in the helping professions, like educators, psychologists and counsellors as well as women programmes all around the country.
In the mid 90s, as a facilitator and consultant, she was part of the Dialogue Facilitators’ Project at the Centre for Organizational Learning at MIT, USA and in 1998 she co-founded Learning organisations for Sustainability, SoL Hungary. a fractal community of Global SoL, ( Society for Organisational Learning community).

In the 2010s she has been deeply involved in Social Healing-Learning and Leading via integrating large group dialogic processes with presencing, mindfulness and consteallation work. Thus she just initiated a Network of WisdomWeavers, where glocal action is enhanced by empowering people by local traditions woven into new science based methods and approaches deepened by tanspersonal awareness. Wisdomweavers they are.

Agota has specialized in developing capacities to facilitate systemic and transformative dialogues to enhance collective intelligence, mindful mediation, generic and strategic dialogues for community building by enhancng shared wisdom emerge. She holds the foundational theory and practice of learning organizations. Studied and practiced large group systemic facilitation with Billie Alban, Barbara Benedict Bunker, Juanita Brown, Toke P. Moeller and others and has been practicing co-counselling and mindful awareness inspired by  John Heron, metaphysics and spirituality from Wictor Charon, Maria Szepes, the Emissary network and mainly and mostly Gillian R. Wright, mindfulness from  Jon Kabat-Zinn, constellation work from Peter Orban and Wilfried Nelles, systemic awareness from Peter Senge, team syntegrity from Joe Truss and Alan Pearson, presencing from Otto Scharmer, perseverance to the spirit from her mother… they all have contributed to her practice in facilitation and coaching for soul presence in social healing.
Her work experience spans across borbers both geographically and in social devides. Thus she works as
– a university lecturer ( Pazmany P. University, Communication Department, dialogue and sustainability)
– a trainer and a change menagement consultant in Adult education for NGOs and Public Administration and for profits ( Hungarian Scouts leadership Development, ALCOA, FORD-VISTEON, UNILEVER, FAST ENGLISH, MERCER,etc.)
– a social development facilitator, ( UNDP,NAKVI)
– an educator in metaphysics based dialogues and lectures in self and community development.
– a healer in social and personal dimensions based on constellation and cathartic dialogue works

Social engagement
She has held a seat on the Board of Trustees of the Club of Budapest, Hungarian Association, in the Board of Trustees of Global SoL and is still active in Tűzmadár-Firebird Foundation for Cancer patients’ rehabilitation work.


Her present focus is SouLPresence in Social Transformation—meaning dedicated societal healing dialogues to ease the formative power of social traumas that still generate disfunctional social behaviour in relation to nations, regions, and even civilisations thus leading to conflict and disarray.


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