The Danube Culture

Deeply inspired by the works of Marija Gimbutas, we do hold the view that the center of Europe IS the heart of Europe. There was a time (we still can trace aspects of it) when we were lack of weapons, no agression driven wars, and dominance based societies. Where the divine manifested in the acts and relations of a community and foundation of decision making was resting in the wise dialogues of the people involved.

When and where sustainability of social and ecological threads were the golden rule of local economy and sacredness were traced in every piece of work in and among men and women of a society silently sacred in dedication and inner wisdom.

Important articles on certain areas – regions where we are more and more ablte to identify a culture where  partnership in society, between men and women, the above and the below, humanity and nature  were sustaining life and growth.

Danube valley culture that seems to have manifested a non-dominant society of eco-spiritual awareness, long before the IndoEuropeans, is often called Old Europe.

from the Bulgarian language perspective,

From a German antropologist, Harald Haarmann  “Das Rätsel der Donauzivilisation”

from an archeologist, Marija Gimbutas. and a summary of her work is here.

from Hungarian ancient language and old culture.