The Story

The idea to expand our work we in Hungary we have been dedicated to since 1989 arose in Plovdiv, Bulgaria inspired by a Conference hosted by Ideas Factory.
Agota Ruzsa was invited to offer hosting facilitation and a talk on New leadership. I gave a talk on Compassionate Leadership  and doing so I reconnected back to my early 90s when I was passionate about a wisdom teacher, Peter Dounov of Bulgaria…

As I expressed my early learnings inpsired by his teachings, assuming that only a few people from inner esoteric spirituality circles would know of him…so perhaps I also secretly wanted to bring him into their awareness and also honestly wanted to express my appreciation for the land where he comes from.
Guess what happened?  As it turned out there were SO many people connected to his teachings, his Love messages, his Paneurythm, etc. I even learnt from friends how his teachings and disciples contributed to the important, but little known courageous decision of the Bulgarian king in 1944, so that he eventually stopped the evacuation and annihilation of Bulgarian Jews!!!!

The embracing Love of the people there, the dedication of the young social entrepreneurs committing themselves to the healing of their land, the inspiration they bring into their countries from the Western cultures  while they are not necessarily aware of the gems and power of the land…

DunaSpirit of Old Europe
It all added to a growing awareness of the underlying LOVE manifesting in many social, local and small regional connections in the Eastern and Central European – Duna region, which is about to emerge from the eons of forgetfulness.

It all allows people to awaken to their deep roots while holding the mindspace for new knowledge and- if and when healing of the past, empowerment of the present place, – embracement of the emergent future may contribute to the healthy development of the land.
WisdomWeavers are people all over the world consciously connecting to the local roots, allowing space for the people who live and workd there to reconnect it with others in other areas of our globe–follow the law of social subsidiarity.
They also weave their local wisdom into the globally emerging New Science that is enveloing our present culture.

Wisdom in all regions
We assume that there IS locally rooted wisdom all over our world and the people who do stand behind it with authenticity and truth and integration.

We open to partnership of mutual acknowledgement to enhance the emergence of wisdom forged into social power and regeneration in our globe.

nagyszentmiklósiOur core focus, yet is dedicated to the line of spirituality that was present in the EuroAsian steppe- of Persian, Scythian,Turkish, Hungarian – traditions AND at the same time were deeply inspired and enriched by the paleolithic, neolithic deep cultures that – from the fertile lands of Anatolia moved up and merged into the rich cultures of the Carpathians.. see Marija Gimbutas and her works..