WisdomWeaving-Mindful Society

images (8)Our work has a core focus of organisation and social weaving to enhance systemic transformation for a world of sacred democracy. Thus we offer healing spaces for collective traumas in society AND in organisations. We also host business and community development events anchored in Wisdom Traditions and New Paradigm Thinking  to strengthen Participation, Co-creation and Inspirational Action focused dialogues. We work with large group healing of wisdom weaving by dialogic processes and systemic constellations, as well as applying the understanding of new sciences, metaphysics and wisdom schools of universal values expressed in regional, local societies.

We do hold the view of the need to release and heal the traumas we have gone through in the past decades, centuries and millenia so that we may become free to open up to the presence of the future in stead of struggling with ghosts of the past. .
The collective intelligence inherent in our human community is evoked to grow into full potential by mindful presence and aware action for all of us “living and moving and having our being in the consciousness of Planet Earth.”

To do so, we need to offer and host healing dialogue spaces where we may surface our pain driven dysfunctional behaviors and in the presence of our collective awareness, ie. soul presence, we can discharge and heal emotional hurts that cement malfunctioning mental beliefs leading individuals, peoples of special groups towards conflict, destruction and greed based egotistic politics and economics.

We humans ARE born with inherent capacity to share and create together towards wholeness.

We commit to Hospice the Past and Host the Emerging Future.

Thus our 3 emerging projects are incapsulated in what we call: Co-Learning towards ‘Sacred’ Democracy

I. Collegium Peregrinus-Unfolding the Tapestry of a Mindful Society – new and old competencies woven into oneness. Like in the Middle Ages, we move around, co-create and share knowledge, experience and thus weave the tapestry of a New Society…It is more a disciplined learning space, coordinated by some core disciplines..

2. Healing our Collective Traumas to Enhance the Emergence of a New Future

3. WisdomWeaving, where we acknowledge the inherent capacity and experience, insight based intelligence of each and all individuals and cultures and establish holistic “weaving rooms” where we can all let go of our past while open up for emergent, new and intuition and insight based new patterns that we weave together for a new reality to emerge. 


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