By healing & presencing towards the enhancement of societal transformation.

The pain and hurt and traumas of the past centuries (or millennia at times) have left the wholeness of Europe wounded and with many scars. Unless we courageously face these wounds and surface them all by releasing our assumptions and ghosts, hurts and pains, we do not seem to be able to make a generative transformational shift in the direction towards allowing a whole and healthy space for strengthening the, yet fragile idea of onenness in Europe and in the face of Gaia as well.

Europe IS still gravely split since the times of long B.C. when the so-called “aboriginals” of Old Europe were run down by warriors and weapon forgers, then later in the so called early new civilizations of the sky gods wchich culminated in the Roman Empire which in its imppact and effect have not disappreaded yet.  It seems that the major split in and across the middle, the centre and the heart of Europe, kind of expressed by the river Danube line is still powerfully felt and expreienced by many, as well as obvious to the eyes who see and the ears who hear.

Thus, we have a special space in our programs for deep social healing, so that the wholeness of the heart may emerge that is essential for wise and intelligent actions to move in effect in our daily settings.

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