This period was the seeding spacetime for what we started to nurture.
Guilford-London, UK  – away from home when I first realized how close we, in the Carpathian basin are and how little I know of our neighbours history!!!!

The very first ide – still with a glamorous toch and feel was born in 1995, overlooking the Danube from the Royal Castle hill in Budapest with a few friends of mine, one from South Africa, one from USA, one from India-USA, and two of us, Agota Ruzsa and Magda Rohanszky…

We were to make the 3rd International Women Dialogue happen, but it was a failure in the larger community to organize it, due to fragmentation and diverse interests and competition perhaps…

Then arrived the expression     Dialogue on the Danube   assuming that a title like this might have brought us all together.

we DID have the IWD and as a host country we organized it on Szentendre island in the Rosinante fogadó… It was deep and challenging and a beautiful closing to an 11 year long series of global dialogues…here I already aimed at introducing art, music in the dialoguic space, thus we went Szentendre and also invited Eva Kanalas to enchant us…

Already a trained systemic constellation practitioner (of Peter Orban) I dedicated a day long constellation to attempt to heal our collective traumas on the Day of October 23rd. A friend offered their community space in Bokreta u. 15.
Small but powerful group we had, and we deepened our understanding and intention and realized the major importance of the space and place where stayed.. the core of our work was not around the October 23rd revolution, but in and around the holocaust of WW II.
The place actually used to be the home of the Sonnenschein family – whose family story was so beautifully depicted in the film: The Taste of Sunshine by Istvan Szabo.

European Salon in Austria– a gathering of TWC practitioners  and there I met a friend Elke with whom my understanding and desire to deepen the work of dialoguic practices grew and expanded.
We met for a inspirational weekend and worked out the process, called
Journey through the Heart
which is integrated process of what we are offering since then in various ways suited to time and space and facilitators.

A second Danube Dialogue, this time with friends from the region to see where and how we may reconnect…
– EST project co-created, and here we already focused on systemic transformation and regional cooperation with Italian, croatian, Slovenian and Hungarian partners…
– 3rd Danube Dialogue together with others in the region…
– The beginning of Healing Dialogues in Budapest..

2015 – Apart from regular cooperation we started to weave the network of regional cohesion..

in Bulgaria- WisdomWeaving festival
in Croatia – Changemakers festival
in Budapest – 1st Healing Collective Traumas ( Healing dialogues in and around the city and a deep work seminar, called healing history)