in the Heart of Europe
is a partnership project of some dedicated people and organisations to support a deeply needed process to heal the traumas of the past to free us from their collective ghosts and thus generate individual and social creativity for a new, empowered and eco-socially conscious world to thrive in peace and harmony.
by autonomy and cooperation made possible for all empowered, dignified and compassionate people-groups-societies to cooperate and co-create for all.
By weaving together some individual and systemic healing-learning and creating processes making use of some inspiring people’s and initiatives as well as the local traditions and local power-love points, which we can see and enhance anywhere in the world.

Social Healing with Therapy group and Music and Dialogue
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October 23rd-25th,
WorldWork on Healing History, BUDAPEST

Healing Dialogues and Healing Symphony
October 20th-22nd, budapest





                                            What is the CALLING?

karpmedThe pain and hurt and traumas of the past centuries have left the wholeness of Europe  wounded and – unless we courageously face the wound and surface all our assumptions and ghosts related to the pain, – we do not seem to be able to make a generative transformational shift in the fragile onenness in Europe.  Thus, we have a special space in our progrms for deep social healing, so that the wholeness of the heart may emerge that is essential for wisdom to become active and effective in our daily settings.

If we consider the Carpathians the geographical mid-point of Europe, then the name: The Heart of Europe is not an exaggeration.
350px-TatárlakaFrom history ancient we also know how important in seeding high culture this region was. (See Marija Gimbutas’ and others’ work.)
But we CAN easily find other mid-points as well…what seems to be sure is that there is this core line of “devision” right from Lithuania down to the the Balkans and Hungary is more or less in a bridging potrianon_elott_es_most_terkep_82318_868836_nsition. So why not keep on bridging past and future by aware presence in the present to hold space for healing and co-creating.

From history present we also know by feeling and experiencing it, how painful and hopeless at times it feels to envision harmony and peace in and between identites of peoples in the region ( minimum 3 roots converge here of deep conflicting energies: Turanian-Uralian-Carpathian Hungarians, Slavs of many kind, Roumanians and Germanic roots long time mixed and enriched by Jews and also by Gypsies…yet since  time ancient there may upsurge discord and conflict and hatred, dispute, struggle and annihalation)

Thus we do want to live up to the beautiful call of our poet,Attila József expressed in the poem At The Danube,  so heartfelt and deep..

Just a stanza here
‘…I want to work. It’s hard for human nature
to make a real confession of all that we’ve done.
The Danube, which is our past, our present and our future,
has pulled us in, tenderly, as its swift waters run.
From the blood of our fathers shed in former wars
flows peace, a common memory and mutual regard,
a promise of order, a tolerant way to live.
This is our task. It will be hard.’

Links for the history relevance

The WW I. Peace Treaties in Versailles.
WW II and HoloCaust – Jews in Hungary.
The October-Hungarian Revolution
in short of BBC
longer one: Cry Hungary, A revolution remembered of BBC

Present state:
Gipsy Caravan: In Hungary..
Immigrants and refugees in Europe…


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