How shall we work?

We will work with the Process Work-WorldWork with expert therapeutic facilitators:
Gary Reiss, PHD (US), lead trainer, who teaches worldwide as a Certified Process Oriented Psychology Trainer ( Bogna Skymkiewicz (Poland), Process Work therapist

Similar events up til now by the same facilitators
April, 2014, Varsaw, with Arnold Mindell,
November,2014 in Bonn and
May, 2015 Brussels. FB event link
October 23-25th, 2015 in Budapest. FB event link.

“Nations, like individuals and relationships, need help processing their history, particularly their traumatic history. History doesn’t go away. Its ghosts and remnants are lived out in individuals and families. Unprocessed trauma tends to replay itself. Throughout Europe we see the rise of antisemitism, anti-immigrant, anti Muslim feelings. Xenophobia, the fear of those different than us, is beyond increasing hate crimes, new discriminatory laws are passed, and an escalating sense of ‘us’ versus ‘them’ mentality is present.

The vision of this work is to create a cycle of seminars in various European countries to work on healing history. This includes the history of World War II as well as the whole transition since the fall of the Soviet Union, relationships between the different countries themselves burdened with difficult histories as well as unprocessed trauma and issues around the Holocaust. Many of us carry the memories of experiences of parents and grandparents. The history has shaped and drastically changed the lives of many of them. Healing the collective memory, and thus – building a real connection is the goal of the seminars.
The seminars rotate between the different European countries and have two main focuses:
1) professional training in processwork methods of working on these hot spot unresolved tensions, histories and conflicts;
2) giving participants the experience of directly working on the history of their region in the spirit of process work.

The seminar lasts 3 days and consists of theory introduction, group processes, inner work and dyad exercises. ”


A cycle of WorldWork seminars started in Warsaw 2012 and was based on work in Palestine and Israel during the last 16 years held by the International Peace Group. Professionals like counsellors, psychotherapists, chaplains, social workers etc., and everybody interested was welcomed. Previous attendance or knowledge was not required.

Healing the collective and thus creating a real connection between us as human beings was the goal of the seminar. We worked with unresolved history and its affects into our daily and personal live. We had an interest in working on tensions and conflict in order to make violence an obsolete method and exploring the power of non-violent methods of conflict facilitation. We focused on the unresolved healing that needed to be done, specifically in regards to the Holocaust. Therefore we gave tools for dealing with strong emotions still present in the background that couldn’t yet come out, and this repression helped to create a cycle of silence and depression.

Our work is based on WorldWork, which is the group aspect of Process oriented Psychology (POP) found by A. Mindell. POP is a holistic methodology working with individuals, relationships, and systems in very different areas. It attempts to find meaning in experiences without pathologizing and assumes that there is something meaningful behind everything. The central principle is, that if we follow what is happening with awareness, we can be facilitators with nature of what is trying to happen. Approaching dreamlike processes with openness and curiosity can lead to new insights, and create energetic shifts that are vital to our development.
We wanted to create space for all voices, positions and feelings to be present. We focused on training skills in methods of POP to work with trauma, hot spots and unresolved tensions and conflicts. The participants got a chance to bring their personal experience in and work directly with these topics. The seminar consisted of theory introduction, group process, inner work, and dyad exercises.

Seminar language: English
During exercises German or Hungarian or other support will be possible.
Facilitators: Gary Reiss, Bogna Szymkiewicz
Hosts: Agota E.Ruzsa and Judit Szentirmai


Healing collective traumas by connecting with each other as human beings was the goal of the seminar. We worked with unresolved historical crimes and their effects on our personal lives. Through exploring the power of non-violent methods of conflict facilitation, we wanted to contribute to peace-building and to reducing violence on all levels, ranging from family to global issues.

Our aim was to bring people together from different backgrounds and different countries to build trustful relationships; creating space for all voices and feelings to show up. Special attention wentto the different European national and regional identities and how rank issues continue to influence us. We focused on capacity building in both methods of Process-oriented Psychology (majority of the time) and Circle Practice. The participants got a chance to bring their personal experience in and work directly with their issues. The seminar blended teaching modules with deep practical experience of process work, inner work, dyad exercises and circle conversations.

During our first 2 Worldwork seminars held in Warsaw, Poland and Bonn, Germany and Brussels, Belgium in 2012 and 2015, people from 11 countries where meeting to explore our identities as individuals, cultures and countries and how our current interactions are shaped by history. We have built deep relationships and developed our awareness of each other.

Goals of the seminar – general ideas:

• to embrace and transform the wounds of the past

• to raise awarenss about differences and tensions between nations, religions and social groups in Europe

• to learn about Deep Democracy as an alternative for traditional democracy

• to deepen dialogue on social and political issues

• to learn about Circle Practice

• to learn and practice Process oriented facilitation



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