MEGHÍVÓ, 2015-JAZZ EVENINGOctober 22nd


Café Dialogues-Music and World Café in the city of Budapest
Dedicated to the stream of refugees, their helpers and also to the 20th anniversary of The World Café process.

Patrons: Prof. Dr Emoke Bagdy, Dr Eva Orsós Hegyesi, Magdolna Rohanszky


(The day of 22nd is followed by the Process Work seminar: Healing History)




CITY dialogues in downtown Budapest are pre-seeding the PoP seminar of Healing History, October 23-25, poised at tha dates of the October Revolution in 1956 against the Soviet regime. The one but last of the traumatic events that took part in our 19th-20th c. European history. The series of societal traumas in the histories of our region – like so many other places – are endless. The collective psyche of the peoples and later nations are still bruised and at times traumatized. We need special attention and heart opening dialogues to heal the pain, clear misunderstandings and open up for a co-created new direction when we are able to cooperate and co-generate a collective space for our emerging future.

HD2015,OCTOBER, BudapestOCTOBER 22nd
Day long and evening Deep dialogues
and World Cafés in and around the city,  where we visit some trauma stricken sites (The House of Terror, Teleki tér Synagogue, Yellow Star buildings, Cemetary in Fiume str, Corvin Köz and The Radio in Bródy S.u., right behind the National Museum, Roma Parlament, SunHouse of Roma center, Keleti station of the Migrants, etc).

and Healing Music : a talk by Israeli conductor, Roni Porat at 5pm followed by collective café dialogues to synthesizes the full experience of the day, enhanced by the inspiring musicians and other artistic events in the evening.

The hosting organisations are 
Ariadne Gaia Foundation, WisdomWeavers Project

Learning Organisation for Sustainability
Herman Otto Institute 
Czinka Panna Association

Firebird Foundation for Quality Life   logo



Hosted by
Agota E.Ruzsa
, a mindful practitioner in deep dialogue and AoH facilitation,
Judit Szentirmai, AoH facilitator
Nora Ganescu, AoH facilitator
Eszter Kéthelyi, facilitator

Artists and Musicians of Healing into Wholeness (in process of finalizing):

Roni Porat, an Israeli composer and conductor,  a taster from You Tube
Lajos Kathy Horvath and Szakcsi Lakatos Béla, Budapest, violinist  in jazz see here, in classical music here and in gipsy music here.


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